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About the Book - Geek Wisdom

It was a typical day in January, 2018. I recently started a project creating learning videos on topics like "Internet Programming 101"  and "Component Based Architecture 101"  and shortly after re watching them, it dawned on me just how 'Geeky' this wisdom was...and then I thought, hmm.. "Geek Wisdom". I wonder if I should start a 'Geek Wisdom' blog to share my videos on? So I googled and fund that the site was in fact available, so  I ran out and purchased it and some space through 1&1  Internet...then I googled 'Geek Wisdom' and found this book (which I subsequently purchased the e-book shortly thereafter. So I thought, hey ! Why not write a few posts or do a few videos about some of the cool quotes that are in this book, sort of a 'geek bible'. But then I found that The 20-Something Chemist  had already done such an amazing job describing the book.. Well let him tell you in his own words:

About Geek Wisdom

Hi - Thanks for visiting. Geeks have inherited the earth!  - If you don't believe me then check out many of the countless Geeky things already out there, from the Big Bang Theory, through to Z-Nation, it is clear that we have won the battle, we should be proud to exhibit or geeky behavior, and to live long and prosper. OH  Were you Looking for the book - Geek Wisdom?  Look no further