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Welcome to the Fediverse (goodbye twitter, facebook - hello mastodon & friendica)

    At the time of writing this entry actress Marina Sirtis (probably best known for her roll as Deanna Troi on Star Trek TNG) has left Twitter. One of the things that made Twitter an amazing tool, were people like Marina - Famous people who would actually reach out and talk directly to fans, unlike some others, who just seem to use it for blatant marketing  purposes - but that is a different rant altogether. She is one of many actors in the Science Fiction genre who was very active on twitter Regardless of your feelings about Elon Musk, or Twitter, or Facebook, or any of the large social media companies.  This entry is to remind everyone, you do not have to be 'stuck' on one particular platform, when their is an entire Fediverse to choose from! What is the Fediverse? Star Trek fans such as myself are already familiar with the concept of the Federation. The United Federation of Planets  is a fictional organization of numerous planetary sovereignties. Each planet has its own c