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Public vs Private TV & Radio

Recently came across an interesting post on the Hanwell Community page about the new Radio station. For the past couple of years the rural community has been hosting a radio channel during the yearly 'Hanwell Days' Reading this post, coincidentally occurred shortly after watching the 90's movie "The Arrival" I suppose I have always had a bit of a fascination with radio at least since my dad showed me an old AM Transmitter he built when he was a kid.  It was in a wooden box, with knobs, switches, and vacuum tubes, with good old label maker style wording.  Wish I had a picture of it today. My dad never really believed in public radio/tv.  The fact that the Canadian government funded CBC drove him nuts. I ,of course, being a teenager who knew everything - took the opposite opinion on this.  Public radio allowed anyone to broadcast anything (regardless if that 'thing' made money or not). Artists could focus on the quality of the art itself.   Take for example

You should be able to do that...

Everyone in life has different *things* which cause frustration.  For me often the primary source of frustration is around language and communication. A recent lifehacker podcast "How to get Your Point Across Online"  reminded me of how easy it is to fall into the trap of 'You should be able to do that...' There are many things I am not very good at, at least not in the not so humble opinion of others. I am not a multitasker, I cannot listen to/respond to more than one conversation at  time. I cannot remember things well (or where I put them) without prompts or reminders, and I quickly become anxious when confronted with a new situation that scares me, and it takes time for me to process my emotions. It is so easy for others to dismiss my 'quirkiness' as a flaw either in my ability as a person or in my personality. I suppose in people's mind we setup a "personna" of what every person should be able to do, and if they cannot just 'do it',

The book and its cover

It is odd how we make decisions, sometimes really big decisions are made not based on logic or careful evaluation but on less important almost meaningless characteristics. Consider selling your house, you go to your realtor, perhaps he comes in an looks around and suggests some options.  Some of these options may include 1) Having your house professionally staged (rented furniture and accessories brought in, which are not part of the sale but make the house look nicer 2) Painting the walls a 'neutral' color to attract buyers 3) Having the scent of fresh baked cookies in the house as potential buyers walk in. Of course, none of the options above have  anything  to do with the house, the house could be beautifully constructed built to last 200 years or thrown together with some DIY project by a couple of guys on a weekend, and yet the advice is the same. Now - look at it from the other perspective. Ever go house shopping?  You walk into the house look around with your partner, on