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ChatGPT and Artificial General Intelligence

 Recently on Twitter, there is an upcoming twitter space talking about Artificial General Intelligence and ChatGPT. The question posed is indeed interesting. In is important to note that this question occurs frequently throughout our history. One of the very first chatbots Eliza  stunned users into thinking it was possible to create an artificially intelligent machine.  The notion of "artificial general intelligence" wasn't even an idea in someone's mind. The term only needed to be added to our vernacular once it was agreed that the algorithms being created did in fact perform at a level beyond what human intelligence could do within a specific context. (eg: computer beats human at chess, at Go, at Jeopardy), software can interpret human speech, read handwriting, understand the context of a sentence, and even prove theorems, and produce new artistic  works never created or known before by humans.  All items only dreamed of only in science fiction a mere 50-60 years a