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Peer Reviews, Science & Relationships

I read an interesting comment on a forum the other day about feedback on a 'PR' (Pull Request). For those that are unfamiliar, in some version control systems (eg :GIT), when multiple people are working on a project, individuals submit request to merge their latest updates with that of the 'main' branch. This is called 'Pull Request'. Other developers and those leading the project can review the request, add comments and either approve or reject the update into the software update. The idea, in principle, is simple -> Does this pull request improve the application in some way? Perhaps it makes something faster, or easier to understand (more intuitive) , perhaps it adds a missing feature, or fixes an annoying bug. Those reviewing the request, can add their feedback to your work with the intent of building something 'more then the sum of it's parts' (aka synergy). But what happens when the feedback received is simply a matter of personal opinion (su