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Password Security Challenge - Last Pass & 1Password

Recently in the news , you may have heard about the #LastPassHack . According to this thread on Hacker News  multiple people received notifications appearing to originate from LastPass in Dec 2021 saying that their master password was successfully used to access their vault (but was flagged as it was from another country  Brazil it would seem).  At least 1 twitter user seems to have lost his life savings as they had their master password compromised and money emptied out of their accounts This of course calls into question the great password management system provided by LastPass. One I myself used successfully have used for many years. Of course with any online storage of secured passwords, there is always the risk of the password getting stolen. There is a trade-off between the convenience of generating and storing complicated secure passwords, and trying to remember them all in your head.  And it certainly beats the alternative of using the build in browser method of saving your pa