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Navigating Values

One of the strengths of community over individualism is the varied nature in which individual values come into contact with each other. Let us suppose for example, that you were to 'rate' your values on a list, with the most important value on top and the lesser important ..well near the bottom. Let us further imagine that at the top of that list is the value of "respecting other people's property", and another value slightly down on the list is to 'be empathetic with others and always willing to lend a helping hand' So your out for an emergency grocery run one day, and you notice a car next to yours seems to have left his/her trunk open, no one is around...You find yourself in a bit of a dilemma What do you do? If you hold great respect for respecting other people's property, and you feel that closing that trunk would be disrespectful (it's not your car, you have no authority to touch it), you might not even think of closing the car, and c

Face Masks - The fashion statement of 2020

  THIS JUST IN... THE NEW FASHION STATEMENT FOR 2020 - THE FACE MASK With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world, and the new rules around staying home and social distancing, there are some areas recommending face masks. However, even in these cases it is noted that the face mask is not for your protection, but for the protection of others. But this potentially introduces a bit of a problem.  There are many people who may (or may not) have COVID-19 (or even a common cold).  You may have no symptoms at all but are still spreading the virus. In the (hopefully limited) times you head out for necessities - How can you tell if that person ahead of you has a virus or not? Of course, with physical distancing (2 meters / 6 feet), and frequent hand washing, you can help stop the spread of the virus, so even if the person in front of you has the virus, you can stay clear of it. But if you wear a mask, and if the mask is to help others, you could be signaling