So I started a Podcast ! - The G33k Dream Team .



It was a dark and stormy night - okay well actually it was about 9AM on a Friday the 13th that I received a Facebook (messenger) message from Matt Gabrielson.. but the story starts a little earlier than that.

About one year earlier, to be precise, on Jan 13th 2022, I sent Matt a message asking if I could write a guest blog on his site.  It took him over 1 year to respond - not because he wasn't fast at responding but because it took over 1 year for the message to show up in his Facebook Messenger.

So we did an interview together for his YouTube channel it is called "What is GeekWisdom", it was an opportunity to discuss GeekWisdom, how it started and what it meant.

As of the time of this article, that video had more views then any of his other interview thus far, so when a few weeks later he contacted me as if I wanted to start a podcast with him, I jumped at the opportunity.

The format is pretty simple, at least once a month (on the 4th), we are going to release a new episode, each one will be on a variety of different topics such as; Zelda, Technology, Time Travel. From time to time we may have special guests or extra footage.

But the MOST important part - is that we want to build a community of like minded Geeks, and so, almost overnight  The G33k dream team was born.

Unlike other podcasts that often just end up being a few folks taking the whole show, we want this show to be built with help from our viewers.

Those who interact with our Facebook page, by helping us build the type of content they want to see can earn the coveted 'G33k of the Week' simply be liking, sharing, and commenting on various posts.

But for this all to work, we need your help! We want to get the word out to as many fellow G33ks as possible.  

To help us out we are simply asking 3 things

3) Share the links above on all your social media, and encourage others to like and follow as well, so we can build a strong community.

We want our podcast to be something unique, something never done before, something special, but we can't do it without your help and support.

And Don't miss episode 1 airing March 4th, 2023 - new episodes will release the 4th of every month.

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