FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J122691WPD (Dec 26, 1991) - INTRO


The story you are about to read is fiction. It is my first attempt at writing a novel, and like most authors are taught, I have drawn heavily from my personal experiences to create it, however the work itself is fiction and any resemblance to real people living or dead is purely coincidental.

Today is Friday, Dec 26, 1991

Hi - I am recording this on my new 80386 computer! - My parents bought it for me from the Sears catalog,. I am sooo excited !!

Oh, yeah, I'm Derick .... I have been basically hand writing a journal of sorts since I was in grade 8 (about 2 years ago), mabe even in grade 7 for a bit. So I figured I'll start recording these 'electronically' from this point forward.

hmmm, not going to put my last name just in case anyone ever finds these files. I honestly don't know how my parents can afford it, the machine is like $2,000 a far cry from the little commodore I had when I was 8. They said it is an investment in my future.  I need to make sure I pay them back..somehow!

Reading the MS-DOS manual, trying to figure out the commands and stuff, it came with a program called WordPerfect which i am writing this in now. It's pretty easy to use, I like learning the commands, you push the F10 key to save.  I tried looking at the inside of the file in ms-dos editor, it's just a bunch of characters that make no sense..and if I try to change them, i can't read the file anymore.  So I'm guessing it's encrypted somehow, but still, going to play it safe, not revel too much information.

Oh and it comes with a MODEM too!!, so I can connect to other machines, need to figure out how that works.

I'll try to write, maybe once a week, document what i figure out as I go...
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