FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J022892.WPD (Feb 28 1992)

Today is Tuesday, Feb 28th, 1992

So I finally got onto 'EduNET' today, setup a guest account. There was no 'guest' thing the account name and password was given to me by the teacher.  The software that runs this BBS is obviously different from C-LINK SYD.  EduNET seems to be using something called 'CBBS' where the other one used something called  "MajorBBS".  This one didn't seem to have nearly the graphics (or any games) and was mostly a 'bulletin board' of postings from teachers.

I spent an hour looking around at the posts, a lot of teachers sharing ideas on lessons plans and such, pretty boring stuff. Their were a few teacher names that i recognized, and they had a quite a few "interesting" posts about their students...none if it really 'good' either, and a lot of complaining

In fact, while I was reading some of it, it made me wonder if I was 'supossed' to have an account on here, I mean these teachers would never say anything like this to me in person, and yet here are all their 'dirty' little secrets being spread out to all the other users who had an account. .Would they be typing stuff like this if they knew students were reading it?  Are their other students reading it?

I sent a message to the SysOp letting him now my age (< 16), and that I was surprised at some of the things people posted on here. It was either extremely boring or "interesting" in a peep show kind of way.. I told him I was on C-LINK SYD, so he knew i at least that I knew something about 'BBS's'

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