The dangers of holding a sign

So in the middle of the night I thought I had this 'brilliant idea'. Picture of me holding a big 'white' piece of bristle board. I could later add whatever cool quote I wanted using a photo editor, and viola new quote all the time.

Then I got to thinking about it..maybe not such a good idea, once the picture is out there, anyone can edit it and make it say anything they want. I could become a 'meme', and not a good one.

And it would not even matter if it was true or not, people would associate together those words and my face forever.

What if the message isn't even something bad?, like that photo you see on Facebook of the veteran or the child with some disease asking for '1000' likes?

Are these things even real? - Most likely not, your "LIKE" is tracked, targeted, now you are 'following's something or other. One day it's a cute kid looking for likes, the next day, it's some half naked lady your following, and your wife sees it on the screen over your shoulder, and you're like, "I have no idea who that is"

It's a scary world out there, you have to constantly question the world, the motives of people around you, what you share about yourself..what you unintentionally share, just by uploading an innocent looking picture of yourself holding a sign.

Something to think about !

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