Finding your MOJO

"Well, the Force is what gives a Jedi his power. It's an energy field created by all living things. It surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi —

When I was a child my parents tried to teach me a lesson, it is an old lesson.. "It is better to give then receive". But when your a youngster, it feels a lot better to receive, and it can be hard, if not impossible to truly understand what this means.

Later in life things get more complicated when you realize that doing something for others, makes you feel good, but wait, am I doing 'it' for others or because I want to feel good?

During my early years working as a consultant, I worked with a great bunch of people.  Folks that showed faith in me, and in my abilities.  Colleagues who showed gratitude when I gave a helping hand or made suggestions for improvement.

When you find yourself in this kind of environment,  you feel like anything is possible, you will work hard to do what it takes to make a difference. You feel yourself in a bit of a dream, you are happy and you are on cloud 9. You have your MOJO

What starts as a little faith in you, grows into a confidence, and with that confidence you develop more and more of a belief in yourself.

For me, I found that belief grew stronger and brighter each time I worked to "give" something to others, whether it be a few extra hours helping someone else meet a deadline, or automating some routine task so that it would free up more time for another, it made me feel good. It feels good to contribute, to "create", and to  help others reach their own goals.

But 'MOJO' can be a fickle thing, especially if the spark that creates it was seeded by another and not from one's inner self. What happens when you change the way you look at things ? - The things you look at change.  If you find yourself feeling alone, you will be alone, if you find yourself being betrayed, you will act in accordance with those beliefs.

With 'MOJO' you can do amazing things, you can lead projects, inspire confidence, propel change, but to do all of this you need to keep a constant vision of the person you intend to me. You live with intention, you life to serve others...fall away from that belief...start to look at things differently...and the MOJO is gone.

It is not the betrayal of others that causes you do loose your MOJO, it is your belief in the betrayal, it is your choice to walk away from the path, to stop focusing on the CAN-DO and start focusing on the NEGATIVE, the 'NAY-SAYERS'

The next time you feel down, or feel your MOJO slipping, take some time to help another fellow human being, take the time to push yourself to do that little bit extra, that little bit more so that you can feel good again.  Don't let others still your MOJO away, for this can only happen if you let it happen.

You are in charge of your life, and your destiny, no one else. You must be the one who believes in yourself, you must be the one with the outlook of  positivity and this way you can keep that MOJO forever! Good Luck

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