Grade 11 - Travel Group - Operation Halifax

 In May of 1993, I took my first adventure - class trip. Below are excerpts of my journal entries and photographs from that time.

 May 17 - 20 - 1993

Of course May 16th was awesome too - being my 17th birthday and all that, but the trip is something I don't want to forget

On May 17th we left the school at 8:30am. Our bus driver who we called 'Frankie', although I never was really sure if that was his real name or not, took us towards Halifax. The 5-6 hour trip was fun too filled with music, talk, and other gossip. (The Rankin's song Tell My Ma - seemed to play a lot). 

Our Bus - Driven by 'Frankie?'

We got to Keddy's Motor Inn in Halifax around 2-2:30 to check in. Then started our 'tour' of Halifax. Monday evening we went to the MicMac mall, I didn't buy anything but I did have fun riding the escalators.

On Tuesday, May 18th - we were really moving. By 11am we were out of Halifax and on our trip to Middleton. While there we visited an old school house which had been turned into a museum. Part of the house was full of clocks and watches, another part replicated an old store which had burned town a long time ago.
 There was also a small section which was setup as a small classroom.
 After that we were treated to homemade hamburgers and hotdogs given to us by the minister of a local church in Middleton. the best be  The people we met were nice and I had a good time. 

Before arriving at the Hotel we stopped at the Hydro power generating station 
near the Bay of Fundy

On Wednesday, May 19 - we visited Fort Anne and Port Royal. I like Port Royal the best because it was an awesome reconstruction of the first fort where the French settled to later become the Acadians. This is also the day I found the majority  of souvenirs for everyone in my family and one for Lisa.  That night we stayed in an awesome Wadlyn Inn hotel with and indoor pool and amazing rooms.

On Thursday May 20th we headed for home.  First we traveled to Pictou for a tour of the 'Hector's Museum' and the ongoing re-construction of the ship 'The Hector'.  One final stop before home was a mall in Turo where I bought a new walkman with auto-reverse.  Well that's the trip - Now I have to get studying for exams
Oh Yeah - I got 100 on my last Math test - can you believe it ?

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