GeekWisdom - Tales of a Geek BETA TESTERS WANTED !


Looking for BETA testers to try out the DEMO interactive fiction / escape room "Tales of a Geek".

By successfully completing the DEMO level, and answering a few short survey questions, you will get FREE access to the full version of the game once released (regular users will need to pay a monthly fee or deposit DOGECOIN to play)

To access the game, you will need to sign up to Patreon to login.  The game itself does not collect your login information, you do not need to donate anything to play. The game works on desktop machines, and large tablet displays, it will not work on mobile phones.

Already use DOGECOIN?

If you are the first to finish the game, and have a DOGECOIN wallet.  You will receive 50% of the bounty (jackpot).

You can donate to the jackpot by clicking the little coin icon in the top right hand corner, and sending your dogecoin. The more people donate, the bigger the JACKPOT will be !!

Note: The other 50% of the jackpot will be donated to the local SPCA

So In Summary -

  •     Play the game (it's free)
  •     Finish the Game - [ send PM to r/TrueGeekWisdom ] include your in game name (IGN)
  •     Complete the short survey (I will reply with a short survey)
  •     Get Free Forever access to the full game when released.


**** OFFER EXPIRES - JUNE 30, 2021 ****



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