If each day of the week were a person, who would it be.... #WritingChallenge

 A popular writing challenge / prompt for new writers goes something like

"Describe Each Day of the Week - as if it were a Person". I am taking a slightly different approach in this challenge.


Monday - For most people I think the beginning of the work week, leaves us feeling sad that the weekend is over and we have to go back to work. So I think the "person" who would match this most would be the women in the song 'Manic Monday' .  I too have these Mondays, but for the most part, I am excited to start my Monday and for me, it is closer to the character of Biblo starting out, leaving the Shire to set out on what adventure


After getting Monday 'over daywith'. Tuesday is the "real" start of the week, time to get down to business, and who puts up with no bull, rolls up their sleeves and gets down to business. Well for me it can be no other then Hans Solo. A somewhat reluctant hero, careful on what he gets himself into starting but motivated by the ability to finally pay off debt, and willing to do what it takes. Hans is the epitome of a Tuesday

Wednesday -
Also known as hump day finally half way through the work week, at the top of the hill and about to move down. It is also the day in the middle. For this day I would pick Frankie Heck from the TV Series the middle. She is in the middle, Wednesday is in the middle. We're not to the root kind of people. Our lives are bring held together by all the grit and grime"


Thursday - Past the halfway point, headed now into the weekend, starting to feel a little exhausted. My pick for Thursday is Dilbert. Perhaps because that was the date Dilbert appeared in my newspaper, or perhaps it just always seemed like it was a Thursday whenever I read the comic.. who knows


Friday -
Almost made it to the weekend, just counting down the hours. It reminds me of those school days waiting for 3:15pm, the clock seems like it is taking forever to get there, but will I make it out the door without more work to do? Friday reminds me of Charlie Brown, "yeah it's the weekend", oh but I have that book report due on Monday. Wah Wah Wah

- It's finally time to throw out the plan, and just relax and party on my old walkman, oh shoot but there are those 'home responsibility' geez.. and the winner is ! Star Lord from Guardians of the Galaxy

Sunday -
The only day to relax, and be yourself, chill - There are 2 characters I would pick for this one, it's a bit of a tie between Al Bundy sitting on the couch with his hand in his crotch, and Murry Goldberg sitting on his couch without any pants taking it easy before staring the week all over again.

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