The story of Dexter - Part 1

Well no not that Dexter, exactly. Dexter our dog that we got back in 2013. Though to be fair we were watching a lot of Dexter TV series at the time and that is where our dog got it's name.

The decision to bring a new dog into our family, was not an easy one, but when we finally did decide to make the move, we posted a Kijiji ad  "Nice Family Looking to Give Good Dog New Home

In order to even get a dog, I said we would have to have at least 25 members join our FB group where we would document the "good" and "bad" things about dog ownership.

We got several responses, we posted polls to the facebook page asking about what types of dogs would be best, and what we should name our new family pet (and the name Dexter won. Just around thanksgiving in 2013, we responded to an ad from Cynthia Ann Rubec who had some dogs to give away. We looked at three small pups and we decided on the golden colored one. Little did we know at the time that Ms. Rubec would make the news a few months later
To Be continued...
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