FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J010892.WPD (Jan 8, 1992)

Today is Saturday Jan 8, 1992

Been playing with the modem a bit, the computer came with a program called 'COM2COM'. When you start it up, it brings up a settings screen and you have to pick the settings for your modem

Took me a while to figure out what the settings were, basically you have to pick a 'COM Port' a parity, stop bits. Whe, you put it in it seems to summarize it at the bottom of the screen 24008N1.

Every time I got the setting wrong, the app would just freeze saying 'Initializing Modem' and I'd have to restart the computer eventually after trying all the settings I could think of it finally started up. It shows a long message AT [bunch of other letters] and then ends with 'OK" on its own line.

Need to play around with the commands.

Back to school in 2 days...not looking forward to it at all
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