FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J011592.WPD (Jan 15, 1992)

Okay so, this week I figured out how to write my own programs on this computer.  It does have a version of basic on it called 'QBASIC'.

It runs the same commands pretty much that I learned on my old commodore with my dad

When i was about 8, I got my first computer, it was a commodore 16 and it hooked up to the TV screen with a game switch like the atari uses, the whole machine was 'built' into the keyboard, not like this 386 which has its own CPU box, plus it's own monitor and keyboard.

I remember my dad and I would spend hours typing away at the keyboard writing programs from Byte magazine, just to run them to make the screen change colors.  We could only save to a cassette tape, and running the programs again from the tape would take forever to load.

Still my dad would read the program and i would type away his commands. Shortly after i started writing my own programs for myself, nothing too fancy. I remember i did one that basically asked multiple choice questions, and that flashed the screen multiple colors if you got the right answer.

Funny thing that this new machine is so much more powerful, it has a whole 40MB disk, no tapes and things run soo much faster..but the old commodore seemed to have better sounds, this one doesn't seem to do much more then a few beeps.

I see this machine also came with 2 BASIC games already on it, one is called NIBBLES.BAS, and the other is called GORILLAS.BAS. I looked at the code, strange thing is they don't have line numbers, so even though I ca write line numbers, and it will work as I am used to, there seems to be more to this basic then I am used to.

Still you have to run the 'QBASIC.EXE' and then pass your own program to it to run it, it doesn't seem to let me make .EXE files of my own.
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