FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J021192.WPD (Feb 11, 1992)

Today is Feb 11, 1992

We got our mark back from our 'interview' projects today. I got 86/100. Most of the loss in mark was due to spelling mistakes.  The paper did ask me to talk to her (the teacher) after class.  She told me that if I was this interested in BBS's, she could request an account for me on EduNET. Apparently it's a 'BBSs' for teacher.

I told her sure, though frankly I don't now what a BBS for teachers would be like or why it might be useful, but she said she'd get back to me in a few days.

Been mostly working on my 'QBASIC' program to search the video tapes. It works okay, but you have to type  lot to do a search. I wish I had something that I could make more graphics, even the 'notepad' program inside windows is easier to use, then my program at the moment.

Might rent a video this weekend, maybe Back to the Future Part 3 if it's in. Hopefully it's not in the 'old releases' section any more.
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