FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J022392.WPD (Feb 23 1992)

Today is Feb 23, 1992

It's late night Sunday - haven't had a chance to write in a while, or even be at my computer, which sucks a bit because I did get the EduNET phone # form the teacher the other day.

Our family has been visiting our uncle every night this week.  He owns his own garage (which we all call 'The Shop'. He is my Dad's brother, and he has  a wife... (Barbara)..oh his name is Dave (not that I would forget that!)

Anyway, sad news is Barbara is in the hospital, apparently she was in a car accident and it was pretty bad. I now this is bad to say, but I never really liked Barbara, she always speaks to me in a 'demeaning tone'. You now the one I mean,  it usually starts with "Now  Derek.." or "Derek dear" in a sort of high pitched whiney tone. I like my name, except when she speaks it somehow she makes it sound sooo annoying.

Anyway they have a son, (Carl), he's about a year older than me.  So we were down almost the shop almost every night this week helping out with suppers and cleaning and stuff..well i was mostly playing on Dave's NES (Nintendo Entertainment System). At home we have an old Atari, i used to play it some when I was younger but the NES is WAY better

I did get in a bit of trouble spending so much time on it and not helping out like the rest of  the family, my mom even yelled at me that I was 'too anti-social' in f ront of the rest of the family...whatever!
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