Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 1 summary

Shh? - I love documentation. I know...I know...can I be a 'real' programmer if I love to document things? What is with this contradiction

I have been working (steadily?) on the development of the GeekWisdom tools / shared components over the past few years. However on the 'back burner' has been a severe lack of documentation.

How can I expect others to take advantage of these amazing tools if programmers / developers don't know how to use them.


Today I started a github documentation repository, and completed documentation for two of the components (GWSettings and GWLogging). I also pointed the existing tool repositories to point to the new tools...

Binged TV

  • Last half of Hackers (started last night on
  • Upload (from Amazon Prime)
  • The Outsiders (CraveTV)


TryHackMe ->
Completed Up to Level 3

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