Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 2 Summary

Most of the morning was spent playing TryHackMe.

I completed 2 rooms and earned level 3 with 728 points and got this nice shinny badge

I didn't do a lot of coding, as we went out for lunch with our 'bubble' family to Dunbar falls.

A lot of water around the area this time of year, and I counted about a dozen cars, though I did not see near that many on the trail itself. The trail was pretty challenging with all of the water everywhere a few spots you have to get down and crawl.

We then headed from their out to the Princeville Suspension Bridge, but we got a little lost doing a 'Google Maps' for Princeville doesn't really get you where you want to be. For those planning to head their yourself. I recommend setting the destination as 'McNamee' your google maps.

We ended the day with a BBQ at my sisters and a game of washer toss.

I spent about an hour later in the evening working on some encryption stuff.

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