Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 1 - Summary

Today I was a bit distracted, as we are looking at renovating our kitchen, so the guy was in taking measurements, and my wife and I went out to look at appliances. Still, though I think i got a lot accomplished:

1) PHP -> gwCodes($filename,$suffix)

   Allows you to generate a sequence of 'codes' for later reuse for whatever purpose you want


$n=new gwCodes("./codes/test.array",".code");
//To 'make' a code
$code["name"]="50% off";
//$the_code is a unique code that can be consumed later (eg: aCd2

To use the code

$use_code = $n->consume_code('ACd2')
//returns the array for 50% off


Note: If the 'special' option 'consumable' is set to 1 ($code["consumable"]=1) the 
code is deleted immediately after being used to prevent r-use

2) Added 'Geek Wisdom logo to the end of AppleSoft Basic Quiz from Grade 11

3) Used gwCOdes from #1 above to REDO the level rotation to store player info and use "Experiance Points (XP)" to calculate level/level name

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