Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 2 - Summary

1) Minecraft World

Got my youngest involved in creating a Minecraft World for me (Thanks Chloe!)

I gave her the specs - from what I saw watching some videos on creating worlds and crafting things It seems to be a lot like programming. She did a great job creating the world! Learning to do things in minecraft is a lot like a whole new programming language !

Server setup and running at or you can download the map locally and try it out for yourself at

2) We will Hack You

Felt inspired by @Kelsey Hightower "We will Hack You" so made it into a little jingle, I'm not the best singer by any stretch of the imagination, but was feeling inspired, good way to kick off day #2

3) - Site Updates
Added new home page to Used modified version of RSS Scroller form main page.

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