Brad's Weekend of Coding Day #4 (THE FINAL CHAPTER)

...And so ends my week- long homage to programming.

Acer 'Demo Mode'

Accidentally put my new Acer tablet  into this crazy 'DEMO' mode today. - Should win the award from dumbest interface. Basically, if you boot with the power button and volume down button it goes into Android Recovery mode [like most android devices]. If you go into it by mistake the last menu item is 'restart my device'. Great. but on this table, right next to 'restart my device' is something called 'Demo Mode'

Now I imagine the point is for this to be displayed in stores, as it gives an overview (video etc) of the features of the device. BUT if you happen to hit this by mistake, it starts up with the words 'Demo Mode' on the screen and when it restarts, you get the annoying 'Demo Mode' on the screen and video. And you have to RESET the entire device to FACTORY defaults, potentially loosing all your apps and data that you haven't backed up.

So that was the first part of my morning :-)


Being the final day, I continued cleaning up some of my hard drive files, and re-organized my "Documents Folder" and re-synced to Google Drive, sync started at 9AM, and finished around ??

There are a lot of duplicate pictures, and 'silly' nonsense pictures, that I will need to cleanup at some point in the future.

Java Tools Collection

Updated gwTools to include SETTINGS and gwDataTables

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