Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 3 - Summary


Let Chloe connect to the server and tryout some examples in adventure mode together. The first player into the world, can get to the end quite easy, it gets progressive harder for each user after that! She approved of my use of a piston to lock the final door

Clean up & Backup 

Clean up Hard Drive (Backup Files) reset Documents Folder. Created Backup Script to copy files to new external HD I got for my birthday

Patreon Support Video

Created this video to request others to help support my work at

Geek Wisdom - Windows Tool Collection

Created the initial "Geek Wisdom Wondows Tool Collection" 'SUDO.VBS' for easy elevation of privilege in Windows to work similar to *Nix


Geek Wisdom - Java Tools Collection 

Created Initial Geek Wisdom Java Tools Collection, the GWLogger object, port of the PHP Project of same name


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