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Brad's Essay on Leadership

Recently, I have come across the book " Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow ". Unlike other books, this book seems to be more of a practical workbook on building leadership, specifically it appears to be a set of exercises, like drills to practice leadership techniques. The reason I say "appears", is that I am only at Exercise #1 which is to write an essay on what leadership means to me and why I would possibly want to be a leader? When I left university, all I wanted was to be a computer programmer. I attended university with the goal of getting a degree in computer science so that I could spend my life writing software programs. Programming will always be a huge passion to me and forms a large part of my core identity, but my first job was far from "just programming".  I was encouraged to become the companies "quality manager", and I had no idea what that would entail. The job had a lot of challenges, in particular I had