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Brad's Weekend of Coding Day #4 (THE FINAL CHAPTER)

...And so ends my week- long homage to programming. Acer 'Demo Mode' Accidentally put my new Acer tablet  into this crazy 'DEMO' mode today. - Should win the award from dumbest interface. Basically, if you boot with the power button and volume down button it goes into Android Recovery mode [like most android devices]. If you go into it by mistake the last menu item is 'restart my device'. Great. but on this table, right next to 'restart my device' is something called 'Demo Mode' Now I imagine the point is for this to be displayed in stores, as it gives an overview (video etc) of the features of the device. BUT if you happen to hit this by mistake, it starts up with the words 'Demo Mode' on the screen and when it restarts, you get the annoying 'Demo Mode' on the screen and video. And you have to RESET the entire device to FACTORY defaults, potentially loosing all your apps and data that you haven't backed up. S

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 3 - Summary

Minecraft Let Chloe connect to the server and tryout some examples in adventure mode together. The first player into the world, can get to the end quite easy, it gets progressive harder for each user after that! She approved of my use of a piston to lock the final door Clean up & Backup  Clean up Hard Drive (Backup Files) reset Documents Folder. Created Backup Script to copy files to new external HD I got for my birthday Patreon Support Video Created this video to request others to help support my work at Geek Wisdom - Windows Tool Collection Created the initial "Geek Wisdom Wondows Tool Collection" 'SUDO.VBS' for easy elevation of privilege in Windows to work similar to *Nix See: Geek Wisdom - Java Tools Collection  Created Initial Geek Wisdom Java Tools Collection, the GWLogger object, port of the PHP Project of same name See:

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 2 - Summary

1) Minecraft World Got my youngest involved in creating a Minecraft World for me (Thanks Chloe!) I gave her the specs - from what I saw watching some videos on creating worlds and crafting things It seems to be a lot like programming. She did a great job creating the world! Learning to do things in minecraft is a lot like a whole new programming language ! Server setup and running at  or you can download the map locally and try it out for yourself at 2) We will Hack You Felt inspired by @Kelsey Hightower "We will Hack You" so made it into a little jingle, I'm not the best singer by any stretch of the imagination, but was feeling inspired, good way to kick off day #2 3) - Site Updates Added new home page to . Used modified version of RSS Scroller form main page.

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 1 - Summary

Today I was a bit distracted, as we are looking at renovating our kitchen, so the guy was in taking measurements, and my wife and I went out to look at appliances. Still, though I think i got a lot accomplished: 1) PHP -> gwCodes($filename,$suffix)    Allows you to generate a sequence of 'codes' for later reuse for whatever purpose you want Usage: include("../org/geekwisdom/web/gwCodes.lib"); $n=new gwCodes("./codes/test.array",".code"); $e=0; //To 'make' a code $code["name"]="50% off"; $code["value"]=50; $the_code=$n->make_code(json_encode($code)); //$the_code is a unique code that can be consumed later (eg: aCd2 To use the code $use_code = $n->consume_code('ACd2') //returns the array for 50% off } Note: If the 'special' option 'consumable' is set to 1 ($code["consumable"]=1) the code is deleted immediately after being used to prevent r-use

Way back then...Apple ][

The way I remember it... It was the fall of 1993, I had just started Grade 11, near the far end of the hallway of my highschool were 2 classes. 'Typing' and 'Computer Related Studies'.  It was the first year I would actually have 'computers' as a course in school, which I was pretty excited for. I only had an old Vic 20 at the time, but was hoping for a new IBM Clone 80386 for Christmas (I got my wish, it was from the Sears catalog and at the time was like close to $2000) I was quite familar with programming in BASIC, but I got a specific book at the local library on AppleSoft Basic to learn to program in the APPLE 2.  Most of the first part of the year was all about 'computer' history. We actually didn't spend too much time using the computers in the lab, which was fine, I enjoyed learning about the history, plus I was part of the school newspaper that year so I got to use the Apples running the newspaper program "The Newsroom". Wh

The Most Dangerous Software on the Internet!

(From Wikipedia): The infinite monkey theorem states that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter keyboard for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type any given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare. In fact, the monkey would almost surely type every possible finite text an infinite number of times. However, the probability that monkeys filling the observable universe would type a complete work such as Shakespeare's Hamlet is so tiny that the chance of it occurring during a period of time hundreds of thousands of orders of magnitude longer than the age of the universe is extremely low (but technically not zero). Recently in the news, their have been articles regarding " Reverse Class Action Lawsuits ". In a typical class action law suit a group of people get "ban" together to sue a large company.  The 'reverse' class action lawsuit is a tool being used by movie companies, to target individual users downloading o