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Diabetes is not caused by eating too much sugar !!!

 It makes me cringe every time I see a meme like this ! TLDR; -> Please help support finding a cure for Type 1 diabetes. I made this video for my local community Facebook page and it was rejected. I'm hoping you can help support the fight! To Donate: ---- I worry, sometimes, that people really believe this is true, that eating a lot of sugar gives you diabetes. Suggesting that those that have diabetes are somehow 'responsible' for it because they ate too much sugar. This is utter nonsense ! ..and probably makes it hard to raise money to support finding a cure for diabetes - if the person is 'at fault' then why help them right? A person who chooses to smoke cigarettes, drink excessive amounts of beer, or engage in 'recreational' drug use, literally made a choice (in most cases) to put toxic chemical in their body - and yes I know people have addiction problems and need help - bu

Programming Rant - Stop the Insanity!! - .NET 7 is not the successor to .NET 4.8

  .NET 7 IS THE SUCESSOR TO .NET 6 .NET 6 IS THE SUCESSOR TO .NET 5 .NET 5 IS THE SUCESSOR TO .NET CORE 3 ...drum roll please... .NET 5 IS NOT THE SUCESSOR TO .NET 4.8 !! ! At the time of this blog their is no .NET path after .NET 4.8. Microsoft will continue to support, patch and update .NET 4.8 for the foreseeable future, though will likely not continue to 'add new' to it. (but they also said this about .NET 4.5.2 and have continued to update it so far to .NET take that with a bit of a grain of salt) Microsoft's "naming" policy of the .NET line and the .NET Core, and .NET Standard is rather foolish from a logical point of view, but it does have some good "salesman" characteristics. Software Development Companies can try to sell the idea in peoples minds to upgrade .NET 4.8 to ..NET 7 and make a bundle in the process - even though Microsoft itself fully admits it is not ending any support for .NET 4.8 This is based on the mistaken idea that a la

So I started a Podcast ! - The G33k Dream Team .

  *** HELP WANTED *** It was a dark and stormy night - okay well actually it was about 9AM on a Friday the 13th that I received a Facebook (messenger) message from Matt Gabrielson.. but the story starts a little earlier than that. About one year earlier, to be precise, on Jan 13th 2022, I sent Matt a message asking if I could write a guest blog on his site.  It took him over 1 year to respond - not because he wasn't fast at responding but because it took over 1 year for the message to show up in his Facebook Messenger. So we did an interview together for his YouTube channel it is called " What is GeekWisdom ", it was an opportunity to discuss GeekWisdom , how it started and what it meant. As of the time of this article, that video had more views then any of his other interview thus far, so when a few weeks later he contacted me as if I wanted to start a podcast with him, I jumped at the opportunity. The format is pretty simple, at least once a month (on the 4th), we are g