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Lessons from my father

 This is a picture of my dad He's the guy in the middle with his tongue sticking out My dad was (one of the) youngest of 14 siblings. One interesting tidbit is that his last name (and my last name 'Detchevery' is spelt within one "R". Almost all of this siblings (my uncles, cousins, aunts) spell their name with 2 "R" DETCHEVERRY. So my dad started his life already unique and passed this on to his children. Maybe it was the last name, or maybe it was something else, but my dad marched to the beat of his own drum, he did what made him happy, not necessarily with what his family, groups, or society in general thought he 'had to do' Today I'm going to share with you just three of the lessons I learned from my father. There were likely hundreds to pick up over his lifetime, but these are the three that rang most true and helpful to me, and I hope that you maybe able to relate to them as well. 1) Perseverance (stick-to-it-ness) My father, built the