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Everything in Moderation...

 You've probably heard it from a health professionals, in ads or from that local gym.  Can I eat some chocolate? How about a bag of chips? Everything is okay to to eat... in moderation.. right? I am fortunate have been born in a part of the world that values human rights and freedoms. One of these in particular is the 'right' to free speech. We have the right to say what we feel and think, positive or negative, to share our thoughts with others - this is an important aspect of society. Just follow one of the many tweets from Elon Musk, and you can see how much he believes in Free Speech, or for charges brought against others who have attempted to the hinder free speech of others In our world, we are constantly inodiated with information, with the free speech of those around us, and the responsibilities that come with it. There is a man I admire greatly, who gave a lot of talks over his lifetime - his name is Dr Wayne Dyer. He gives one speech about an orange, that truly cha