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FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J022392.WPD (Feb 23 1992)

Today is Feb 23, 1992 It's late night Sunday - haven't had a chance to write in a while, or even be at my computer, which sucks a bit because I did get the EduNET phone # form the teacher the other day. Our family has been visiting our uncle every night this week.  He owns his own garage (which we all call 'The Shop'. He is my Dad's brother, and he has  a wife... (Barbara)..oh his name is Dave (not that I would forget that!) Anyway, sad news is Barbara is in the hospital, apparently she was in a car accident and it was pretty bad. I now this is bad to say, but I never really liked Barbara, she always speaks to me in a 'demeaning tone'. You now the one I mean,  it usually starts with "Now  Derek.." or "Derek dear" in a sort of high pitched whiney tone. I like my name, except when she speaks it somehow she makes it sound sooo annoying. Anyway they have a son, (Carl), he's about a year older than me.  So we were down almost the s

FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J021592.WPD (Feb 15, 1992)

Today is Saturday, Feb 15, 1992 So I was off from school yesterday, "sick"...Well not really. Our school has this thing around valentines day  called "Winter Carnival". Their basically isn't any classes people spend the day 'goofing off'. Now you might think I would enjoy that, but no, that would require friends to 'goof off with', and really it's just an opportunity to walk around with a look on my face which usually gets me into 2 situations 1) Some person (usually an older girl) will ask me why I look so sad, and then try to say some type of 'postive' comment to make me feel better...I don't really think she cares about making me feel better, she is just doing it because i am probably bringing the rest of them down. 2) Some asshole, will see me walking in the hallway and push me against something, or make a loud noise kicking a locker just to see me jump and then he and his friends will walk away laughing. The classro

FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J021192.WPD (Feb 11, 1992)

Today is Feb 11, 1992 We got our mark back from our 'interview' projects today. I got 86/100. Most of the loss in mark was due to spelling mistakes.  The paper did ask me to talk to her (the teacher) after class.  She told me that if I was this interested in BBS's, she could request an account for me on EduNET. Apparently it's a 'BBSs' for teacher. I told her sure, though frankly I don't now what a BBS for teachers would be like or why it might be useful, but she said she'd get back to me in a few days. Been mostly working on my 'QBASIC' program to search the video tapes. It works okay, but you have to type  lot to do a search. I wish I had something that I could make more graphics, even the 'notepad' program inside windows is easier to use, then my program at the moment. Might rent a video this weekend, maybe Back to the Future Part 3 if it's in. Hopefully it's not in the 'old releases' section any more.

FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J020892.WPD (Feb 8, 1992)

Today is Saturday, February 8, 1992 Why do people SUCK SO BAD?? He got me again, just before Gym class today. His name is Brutis. Just before Gym class starts, him and his "friends" corner me in the locker room, push me around into the lockers, call me a geek, a nerd. I think it bugs them that I don't 'get mad', I don't 'fight back'. I just sort of cuddle in a little ball and wait for it to be over.  Oh how I dread Gym class. And it's not like I don't "tell anyone".. It only makes things worse. Once I told the principal, they got called into the office, and i was sent outside.  About 20 minutes later out they came with smirks on their face. I could tell just by the way they looked at me that I was going to get it worse next time. Tried once talking to my mom about it.  She thinks I should fight back, but I know it will just get me into more trouble, so what's the point.. plus their are multiple of them and they are much

FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J020692.WPD (Feb 6, 1992)

Today is Thursday Feb 6, 1992 So after a lot of complaining to my mom, I was finally allowed to try out C-LINK SYD. I had to promise that it wouldn't cost any money and that I wouldn't get in any 'trouble' dialing this number from Joe. I have yet to 'finish' getting connected., I put the number in the Telix Address book. I got it to dial, and got to the login screen. Joe told me when it prompted for a login: you just typed "guest" so I did that and then it started taking me through a bunch of questions.  I got what I guess was about halfway through the connection, when suddenly it just popped up a bunch of strange characters kind of like: WE0A92RT09SFA09JAW NO CARRIER About 2 seconds later my mom yells to my dad telling him there was a strange 'noise' on the phone when she picked it up. I then had to run up and explain that if they pick up the phone while I'm online that it will disconnect me.  Well mom wanted to call her sis