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Was the lightbulb over engineered?

I recently posted a question over on reddit - "Personality Types and Agile" . An interesting discussion emerged about 'over-engineering' code. I find people use the label 'over-engineering' too frequently, and I don't even think the 'great Wikipedia' gets the definition quite right. Overengineering  (or  over-engineering , or  over-kill ) is the act of designing a product to be more robust or have more features than often necessary for its intended use, or for a process to be unnecessarily complex or inefficient. - Wikipedia Let us take for example the 'lightbulb'.  What is 'too robust?' for a lightbulb. - A bulb that lasts too long ?, A bulb that is energy efficient ? A bulb that doesn't suddenly explode when exposed to various environmental conditions ? The lightbulb in the picture above is known as the "Centennial Light" , it has this name because it is the worlds longest lasting lightbulb, burning since 1901 and ha

IT Security Myths & Legends

  Misinformation, 'fake news', rumors, and propaganda - surround us.  Even worse, we freely share this information with others, often without even knowing the harm it causes. No one is oblivious to this, no one is immune. The only cure is to educate ourselves, to apply logic and reasoning, and think before we share. Today I am going to countdown some of the top statements you may have heard around IT Security, and provide some facts for you to digest. Ultimately it is up to you decide what you want to do with this information. 5 ) IT Security is the 'IT Departments' responsibility You may have heard this, or something like it, particularly when something goes horribly wrong, "Hey Brad, I thought you were taking care of that security thing?". Let's imagine for a minute that you head into the emergency room with a pain in your side.  After an examination the Doctor tells you that your appendix is about to rupture at any moment, and if you don't get emerg