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If each day of the week were a person, who would it be.... #WritingChallenge

 A popular writing challenge / prompt for new writers goes something like "Describe Each Day of the Week - as if it were a Person". I am taking a slightly different approach in this challenge.   Monday - For most people I think the beginning of the work week, leaves us feeling sad that the weekend is over and we have to go back to work. So I think the "person" who would match this most would be the women in the song ' Manic Monday' .  I too have these Mondays, but for the most part, I am excited to start my Monday and for me, it is closer to the character of Biblo starting out, leaving the Shire to set out on what adventure   Tuesday- After getting Monday 'over daywith'. Tuesday is the "real" start of the week, time to get down to business, and who puts up with no bull, rolls up their sleeves and gets down to business. Well for me it can be no other then Hans Solo. A somewhat reluctant hero, careful on what he gets himself into starting but