Book Notes

The Goal: A Process of Ongoing Improvement By Eli Goldratt and Jeff Cox

Eli Goldratt & Jeff Cox bring to the business world, what Albert Einstein brought to Physics. In his book the character of Alex learns about the Theory of Constraints from his mentor 'Jonah'. Through a series of events (and stresses) in Alex's life, he carefully examines the ongoing processes within the fictional company of Unico and to what extent these processes meet 'The Goal'.

This was my first business novel, and it is what lead me to many other business novels down the road


Be the Hero by Noah Blumenthal

Change Your Stories - Change Your Life

This book is about helping people choose to be an "everyday hero". It is told in the format of a parable.

No one is free from challenges both at work and life. we all have tough moments, times when we become angry and frustrated with the world.


QBQ - The Question Behind The Question - By John Miller

QBQ: There are no bad questions...or are they ?

Do you recall being in a training session, school or a presentation, where the speaker told you 'ask anything, there are no BAD questions?' 

John Miller disagrees, only he calls them "Incorrect Questions" -> "IQ"

To be fair - he is not talking about the kind of questions we ask when we are trying to learn / problem solve or understand something new.

John Millers book  encourage us to stop and think about the quality of the questions we ask and how to turn 'Incorrect Questions', into the Question Behind the Question (QBQ). Focus on questions that begin with 'What or How'  Contain an "I", and Focus on action.

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