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GeekWisdom - Tales of a Geek BETA TESTERS WANTED !

  Looking for BETA testers to try out the DEMO interactive fiction / escape room " Tales of a Geek ". By successfully completing the DEMO level, and answering a few short survey questions, you will get FREE access to the full version of the game once released (regular users will need to pay a monthly fee or deposit DOGECOIN to play) To access the game, you will need to sign up to Patreon to login.   The game itself does not collect your login information, you do not need to donate anything to play. The game works on desktop machines, and large tablet displays, it will not work on mobile phones. Already use DOGECOIN? If you are the first to finish the game, and have a DOGECOIN wallet.  You will receive 50% of the bounty (jackpot). You can donate to the jackpot by clicking the little coin icon in the top right hand corner, and sending your dogecoin. The more people donate, the bigger the JACKPOT will be !! Note: The other 50% of the jackpot will be donated to the local SPCA So

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 3 - Summary

 Things I didn't get a chance to finish (maybe next weekend?) - Bring Josh Gates to Oak Island campaign - For a while now I have been sending twitter messages to Josh Gates and the Oak Island crew trying to bring the 2 groups together. I have a video in the works, but have not had the chance to finish it up in time. - Dogecoin Proof of Stake (Proof of Concept) - Still working on converting the " dogecoinpos " project, and releasing a whitepaper urging the folks at Doge to move to proof of stake, with this proof of concept code I did finally get my garden finished, and I used 2 kinds of compost one being compost from a doggie digester I setup in March, the other is from household compost collected over the winter. The garden is a special wildflower garden to help with the bee population ...oh and the Josh Gates video (metioned above  will have a hidden message with a dogecoin wallet? Not sure if I mentiond that..not sure if anyone reads these blog posts either :-). That w

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 2 - Summary

Playing with  Docker Spent some time creating my first Docker container.  I decided to re-create the W.O.P.R computer from the movie WAR GAMES. You can telnet to port 9923 to try it out.  Follow along with the scenes from the movie and have fun ! Created the WOPR (War Games Movie) Docker Hub ( ) Dogecoin - Proof of Work to Proof of Stake Did some research on various methods to move Dogecoin from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake Started building Dogecoin from Scratch -> ADD CODE TO MOVE FROM PoW (Proof of Work) to the improved (Proof of Stake) - demo codeo nly

Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 1 - Summary

 The Magic of the Blockchain - Demystified Playing around with Cryptocurrency - again - . Was inspired a few months ago by 'Dogecoin'.  Purchased about 300 coin at $0.10/coin.  Watching it grow to close to $1.00..wondering how high i will get..a very interesting coin. Said to be a 'joke' but a lot of Dogecoin millionaires out there already! GeekWisdom - Tales of a Geek -The Game Started working on a text adventure around Sept 2020.  It is a combination 'escape room' meets 'interactive novel', but I have been putting it off releasing it.  Started moving it to my server (free demo version). Users will need to sign up to Patreon account to login, but will not need to donate anything at this time to play (Donations still welcome though) Pool BBQ with Family Our first full summer with our new pool, cannot stay inside coding entirely on a nice day like today !

The magic of the blockchain - demystiified

Before the first computer (that we know of), the word 'computer' actually referred to people. People that spent their days in rows of desks in a room doing math.  Complex mathematical equations performed individually whose results were put together to solve some larger problem.  For a fiction look at this I suggest the movie ' hidden figures '. Essentially these groups of people were the first example of 'distributed computing', and it could be argued that the advent of electronic 'digital' computers was the first example of the general purpose computer replacing human jobs. No one could have imagined that this 'distributed computing' would eventually turn into a GAME, played by geeks on their own personal computers 50+ years later..but this is just what has happened ! Before 'bitcoin' a project known as 'SETI @ home '. This was a program you could download and by running it  you would share a portion of your computers processing