Brad's Weekend of Coding - Day 3 - Summary

 Things I didn't get a chance to finish (maybe next weekend?)

- Bring Josh Gates to Oak Island campaign - For a while now I have been sending twitter messages to Josh Gates and the Oak Island crew trying to bring the 2 groups together. I have a video in the works, but have not had the chance to finish it up in time.

- Dogecoin Proof of Stake (Proof of Concept) - Still working on converting the "dogecoinpos" project, and releasing a whitepaper urging the folks at Doge to move to proof of stake, with this proof of concept code

I did finally get my garden finished, and I used 2 kinds of compost one being compost from a doggie digester I setup in March, the other is from household compost collected over the winter. The garden is a special wildflower garden to help with the bee population

...oh and the Josh Gates video (metioned above  will have a hidden message with a dogecoin wallet? Not sure if I mentiond that..not sure if anyone reads these blog posts either :-). That will be connected to

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