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Buy Local - the online way

 This post is about buy local, but not the way you might think. It fact, it's more of a 'Think Local', and by that I mean supporting the 'small business' in the tech industry. We all know who the tech giants are out there, so not much point of me linking to them (and advertising them for free). You can get your social networking for free, your email for free. I'm willing to bet the very web browser you are reading this on now was guess what -- free! The internet, for all it's positives and negatives, is effective at bringing people together, at letting us communicate with others half way around the globe, like they were a neighbor in our own back yard. So when offered something for free many people jump on it downloading he latest free browser, signing up for free webmail, joining large social networks - and why not right? The thing is none of this is really for 'free' these big companies are in it for big profit, and they do it simply by selling you

Software Tools - Productivity or Distraction?

  I was looking for a file today on a Microsoft Teams site, so I go into teams, look under files, when all of a sudden I see a chat request from another member in another teams site, so I jump over to help answer their question. Feeling proud of myself I then head back to do some more work on my plate. Ten minutes later I realized, wait a minute - wasn't I just looking for that file? We live in a world, full to the brim of distractions.  One of my favorite perks of 'work from home' is at least people can't just 'walk into my cubicle' asking questions whenever they feel like it. I have much more time to focus on what I promised to deliver when I promised, and people really appreciate that. Software Tools should help us be more productive, and not provide us with new and novel distractions. But like most things in life, it's just not that simple! When my kids were young, I bought them some electronic toys, a robot for example that walked around made funny beep