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FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J122691WPD (Dec 26, 1991) - INTRO

DISCLAIMER: The story you are about to read is fiction. It is my first attempt at writing a novel, and like most authors are taught, I have drawn heavily from my personal experiences to create it, however the work itself is fiction and any resemblance to real people living or dead is purely coincidental. Today is Friday, Dec 26, 1991 Hi - I am recording this on my new 80386 computer! - My parents bought it for me from the Sears catalog,. I am sooo excited !! Oh, yeah, I'm Derick .... I have been basically hand writing a journal of sorts since I was in grade 8 (about 2 years ago), mabe even in grade 7 for a bit. So I figured I'll start recording these 'electronically' from this point forward. hmmm, not going to put my last name just in case anyone ever finds these files. I honestly don't know how my parents can afford it, the machine is like $2,000 a far cry from the little commodore I had when I was 8. They said it is an investment in my future.  I need t

Brad's Essay on Leadership

Recently, I have come across the book " Leadership Step by Step: Become the Person Others Follow ". Unlike other books, this book seems to be more of a practical workbook on building leadership, specifically it appears to be a set of exercises, like drills to practice leadership techniques. The reason I say "appears", is that I am only at Exercise #1 which is to write an essay on what leadership means to me and why I would possibly want to be a leader? When I left university, all I wanted was to be a computer programmer. I attended university with the goal of getting a degree in computer science so that I could spend my life writing software programs. Programming will always be a huge passion to me and forms a large part of my core identity, but my first job was far from "just programming".  I was encouraged to become the companies "quality manager", and I had no idea what that would entail. The job had a lot of challenges, in particular I had

About the Book - Geek Wisdom

It was a typical day in January, 2018. I recently started a project creating learning videos on topics like "Internet Programming 101"  and "Component Based Architecture 101"  and shortly after re watching them, it dawned on me just how 'Geeky' this wisdom was...and then I thought, hmm.. "Geek Wisdom". I wonder if I should start a 'Geek Wisdom' blog to share my videos on? So I googled and fund that the site was in fact available, so  I ran out and purchased it and some space through 1&1  Internet...then I googled 'Geek Wisdom' and found this book (which I subsequently purchased the e-book shortly thereafter. So I thought, hey ! Why not write a few posts or do a few videos about some of the cool quotes that are in this book, sort of a 'geek bible'. But then I found that The 20-Something Chemist  had already done such an amazing job describing the book.. Well let him tell you in his own words:

About Geek Wisdom

Hi - Thanks for visiting. Geeks have inherited the earth!  - If you don't believe me then check out many of the countless Geeky things already out there, from the Big Bang Theory, through to Z-Nation, it is clear that we have won the battle, we should be proud to exhibit or geeky behavior, and to live long and prosper. OH  Were you Looking for the book - Geek Wisdom?  Look no further