FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J021592.WPD (Feb 15, 1992)

Today is Saturday, Feb 15, 1992

So I was off from school yesterday, "sick"...Well not really. Our school has this thing around valentines day  called "Winter Carnival". Their basically isn't any classes people spend the day 'goofing off'.

Now you might think I would enjoy that, but no, that would require friends to 'goof off with', and really it's just an opportunity to walk around with a look on my face which usually gets me into 2 situations

1) Some person (usually an older girl) will ask me why I look so sad, and then try to say some type of 'postive' comment to make me feel better...I don't really think she cares about making me feel better, she is just doing it because i am probably bringing the rest of them down.

2) Some asshole, will see me walking in the hallway and push me against something, or make a loud noise kicking a locker just to see me jump and then he and his friends will walk away laughing.

The classroom is safe, no one really bothers me while class is going on, and i quickly move from class to class so as not to be 'picked' on..During lunch i go on long walks away from everyone for the same reason, but on days like 'Winter Carnival' it's almost impossible to avoid people, since the whole idea is to be 'social' with it's best of I just stay home "sick"

On the bright side, I did get Back to the Future Part 3. It was pretty good, I mean, most of the story took place in the 'old west', and their wasn't nearly as many effects as in the 2nd movie. In the second movie they went to the future with flying cars, and amazing 3D animations.  The 3rd movie took place in the past and was almost more of a 'love story' then SciFi..but hay, Doc Brown gets the girl in the end, so I guess even 'Geeks' get a girl someday!

Didn't connect too any 'BBS's though, if I'm supposed to be home sick and I connected to them, people might get suspicious if they see my login in their logs, so avoid that to be on the safe side.
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