FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J020692.WPD (Feb 6, 1992)

Today is Thursday Feb 6, 1992

So after a lot of complaining to my mom, I was finally allowed to try out C-LINK SYD. I had to promise that it wouldn't cost any money and that I wouldn't get in any 'trouble' dialing this number from Joe.

I have yet to 'finish' getting connected., I put the number in the Telix Address book. I got it to dial, and got to the login screen.

Joe told me when it prompted for a login: you just typed "guest" so I did that and then it started taking me through a bunch of questions.  I got what I guess was about halfway through the connection, when suddenly
it just popped up a bunch of strange characters kind of like:



About 2 seconds later my mom yells to my dad telling him there was a strange 'noise' on the phone when she picked it up.

I then had to run up and explain that if they pick up the phone while I'm online that it will disconnect me.  Well mom wanted to call her sister, so I am here typing this know waiting for her to be done.  (I also had to explain that 'online' meant i was connected to a BBS (ie: short for 'on the phone line') seemed obvious to me.

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