FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J020892.WPD (Feb 8, 1992)

Today is Saturday, February 8, 1992

Why do people SUCK SO BAD??

He got me again, just before Gym class today. His name is Brutis. Just before Gym class starts, him and his "friends" corner me in the locker room, push me around into the lockers, call me a geek, a nerd.

I think it bugs them that I don't 'get mad', I don't 'fight back'. I just sort of cuddle in a little ball and wait for it to be over.  Oh how I dread Gym class.

And it's not like I don't "tell anyone".. It only makes things worse. Once I told the principal, they got called into the office, and i was sent outside.  About 20 minutes later out they came with smirks on their face. I could tell just by the way they looked at me that I was going to get it worse next time.

Tried once talking to my mom about it.  She thinks I should fight back, but I know it will just get me into more trouble, so what's the point.. plus their are multiple of them and they are much bigger then me, so why would i provoke them..they might really hurt me..

No it's best just to keep it inside for now, maybe writing it here will help, who knows??

I spent most of this afternoon on the C-LINK BBS.  Once I got connected and a guest account setup, it told me I can access it for the next 30 days.  I haven't "sent" anything yet. Mostly just reading the posts from others, there is a games area, and you can play a few little text games, but nothing to special  Most of the people on it seem older, talking about cars, and complaining about their jobs.  There is a special spot for buying/selling stuff in the area near where I live, that seems a bit interesting.

The owner of the BBS is called the 'SysOp' it means 'System Operator', he is basically the guy who makes up all the rules about how you are supposed to use the system.
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