The Magic Lamp

One day a programmer was feeling a bit down in the dumps!
Gee Whiz - I can't seem to get anything right, no matter what I do or say.
Nothing seems to be working out for me, what's the use of being motivated to do anything ??.. EVER!! UGGG !!!
So one day (s)he started nosing around in various folders in the company directory and happened to come across this strange zip file called "magiclamp".
Still feeling down but now a little curious, our semi-adventurous programmer decided, what the heck, I'll open it and see what is inside!
So (s)he decided to extract the contents to his hard drive and came across this very README file that you are reading at this very moment !!
After carefully exampling the contents and the code and declaring them safe our programmer decided to go ahead and very carefully RIGHT CLICKED ON the INSTALL.BAT file and choose "RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR"
..and from that moment forward his (or her?) life changed forever.
Or at far as anyone really knows...
...THE END... ?
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