The Great Hack...

Yesterday, I came across this NetFlix documentary - The Great Hack

What makes this film particularly interesting to me is the idea that advertising in the form of 'fake news' can convince others, 'inject' opinions into others who maybe pliable to changing their minds when fed false information.

I suppose this happens all the time, even prior to the internet and where propaganda comes from, but do we really live in  world so far from understanding critical thinking, that flooding people with images we can say that we are responsible for overpowering the free will of the individual?

And to at least some extend, I suppose that's how the stock market works isnt it? We buy from what we think are the 'good' places, and the stock goes up. We hear bad news and everyone pulls out, whether or not the news is true or not.

Controversy sells newspapers, bad news sells better than good news.

To what extend are the information providers RESPONSIBLE for the belief of the individuals who watch the content?  Does this responsibility increase when the content provider targets specific negative false content to the viewer?

It seems this documentary poses these questions in a very specific way, so as to convince the viewer, but wait, isn't that exactly what is wrong?...and interesting take on  internet advertising specific to users profiled from the data they provided freely to others without a second thought of how it was being used 'against them"

Watch it on Netflix ->
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