The Obsessive Mind

Do you have an obsessive mind?

Do you replay events over and over again, re-living past pains? past successes?

Obsession by itself isn't necessarily a 'bad thing'. We become great at our hobbies, and talents by obsessing over them. Whether it be playing video games, writing computer programs, or building an add-on to your house, thinking about things can give us motivation and allow us to move forward

But is it really possible to "think to much"?? -  It has been suggested to me that I might be an 'over thinker', and indeed I do recognize my own obsessive mind, but I don't know what life is like to 'think' any less or any different, I only know what it is like to think as I do.

I am currently playing the role of 'Business Analyst', which is just a specific type of Analyst. I have been analyzing things for as long as I can remember and I enjoy it.  Asking why things are the way they are, taking things apart to figure out why the work the way they do. Discovery through experimentation, and hypothesis.

I would challenge you to find a scientist who isn't obsessive. The science may change, for me it is about technology, gadgets, software, for others it might be marine biology or physics. My obsessions change too. I may go for days thinking about the solution to a particular programming problem, or be up late unable to sleep - trying to figure out why person 'X' said such hurtful things toward me last Tuesday afternoon. Constantly searching for that 'Eureka' moment, even if given a specific context, no such moment may even exist.

I think maybe the advice to stop 'over-thinking', although well-intentioned, is not  exactly the advice we need. We shouldn't scorn 'over-thinking', but promote 'balance in all things' - the same way we need to eat a balanced diet, we should strive for a more balanced mind/thought process

Our minds, if left 'untamed' may lead to an obsessive darkness, and yet the only person who controls what I think is me, the only person who controls what you think is YOU.

It is okay to travel the journey of obsession, but you need to decide for how long and how far you will travel. When someone says you are 'over-thinking' it might be a wake-up call, that perhaps it is time to move on from that particular obsession, trusting that another one will surely be along the way soon enough.

Embrace your obsession, but at the same time recognize it for what it is, a moment  frozen in time?,  a quest for answers?, an interesting new adventure? maybe! but give yourself some time. Specifically  

a) Recognize your thought process 

b) Evaluate -  is this current line of obsessive thinking continuing to provide me with positivity and happiness ? OR perhaps it is time to take a break... perhaps to move on to the next adventure?

Learn more about my first obsession -> My 'White  Whale'
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