Face Masks - The fashion statement of 2020


With the continuing COVID-19 pandemic spreading across the world, and the new rules around staying home and social distancing, there are some areas recommending face masks. However, even in these cases it is noted that the face mask is not for your protection, but for the protection of others.

But this potentially introduces a bit of a problem.  There are many people who may (or may not) have COVID-19 (or even a common cold).  You may have no symptoms at all but are still spreading the virus. In the (hopefully limited) times you head out for necessities - How can you tell if that person ahead of you has a virus or not?

Of course, with physical distancing (2 meters / 6 feet), and frequent hand washing, you can help stop the spread of the virus, so even if the person in front of you has the virus, you can stay clear of it.

But if you wear a mask, and if the mask is to help others, you could be signaling to others "Hey I'm sick and I'm trying to protect you".  In one way this is great that you care about others, in another way it could lead you to 'social shaming'. This in turn may cause you to not wear any kind of mask, and brush it off as no big deal.

Now, I have type 1 diabetes, I have had it for over 25 years. I don't show any symptoms, and to my knowledge have not come in contact with the virus. Now if you see me wearing the mask, it is not a sign that I am sick, I am wearing it to support/encourage others to do the same.

If everyone wears it, the wearing of the mask cannot possibly single out people as 'sick'. Wear your mask NOT to indicate you are sick, but to indicate your support for others, others who may not have the immune system to handle the virus, and support for others who may have symptoms but do not want to be singled out.

Or perhaps, just wear it as a fashion statement, to be in the 'in crowd'.

Just a few thoughts. - Be kind - we are all in this together !
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