Microsoft Chromium, Edge and what it means for you.

In the beginning, the internet was void and mostly barron, except for a few nerds/geeks, and university professors sending electronic mail - Then came  the browser, it was called 'Mosiac' and it was a good browser. 

Later as the internet grew, it became more and more apparent that browsing the web was what would bring the 'Internet' out of the realm of only universities, geeks and nerds..and into the world of the mainstream 'regular joe' 

Netscape started creating an selling it's own web browser 'Netscape navigator', and had a few years (months?) of glory, but with the release of Windows 95 and 'Internet Explorer'. 

A free web browser built into Windows, who would want to pay for one instead..and thus began the 'browser wars'

Although the browser wars were primarily a fight against market share, the method used was to create 'special' features for programmers that would make the browser do 'cool things' that the other competitor browsers could not do. 

Sites started popping up with little icons 'optimized for Internet Explorer' or 'Built for Netscape'.

All this fighting soon became a real nightmare for  I.T. folks whose responsibility it became to support all of these 'quirks' that different web sites had that used specific browser features.  In fact Internet Explorer actually has a special 'quirks mode' that it goes into when it detects old legacy html, so that older sites continue to look and feel correct, regardless of the fact that they were poorly written html from 15+ years ago.

 Today - the 'winner' (IMHO) turned out to be Google's 'Chrome' browser, a web browser that wasn't even a twinkle in Larry Page's eyes back in the late 90's, as more and more sites were updated to try and be optimized for 'google search', why not also optimize them for Google Chrome?

However, while most Internet sites are now optimized for Google Chrome, and Firefox, many internal company sites are optimized for Internet Explorer? - Why - it was free, included with Windows which at this point all companies were using, and as noted a pain for developers to have to support multiple browsers, so the powers that be declared the sites must at least work in Internet Explorer.

This problem sort of moved the 'problem' out of the developers hands, but pushed it into the hands of infrusturcture, deployment people, because as new versions of Internet Explorer were released, they had to continue to support the now older and outdated apps developed by the developers 20+ years ago and this is where we are at today....

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