Eco Cycle Planning Resources, Toastmasters & Unicorns


The week just before Christmas, I had the opportunity to complete my last speech for the dynamic leadership level 1 of Toastmasters. The speech was a mix of a collection of research both on Eco-Cycle Planning, and practice opportunity from the U.N.I.C.O.R.N.S. 

Some important resources to go with the video can be found here:

a) The original start of unicorns which can be found on this post: Let's save the unicorns in government

c) Much thanks to the excellent 4 part series Bountiful Harvest by TadZo Consulting, without which I would not have nearly as much content for the video. 
            Part 1 - Creative Destruction
            Part 2 - Sowing
            Part 3 - Birth
            Part 4 - Maturity 
To learn more about UNICORNS and details on how to start one in your own company/team check out: my post Unicorns My Personal Story on medium.

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