The days before the internet

 I was reminded the other day, that their existed a time before the 'internet' and 'world wide web'. 

Before web browsers, and information being at everyone's fingertips, before sites like 'Psychology Today' information was often spread in Journals, periodic paper documents, that you could subscribe to or read at your local Library. In fact many scientific publications still publish in Journals today, and most you can access either for free, or with a paid guessed it online!

As I was cleaning up some old files I came across 2 articles in a series called 'Plain Talk' written by Louis E. Kopolow during the winter of 1977/78 for the U.S. Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (DEHW).

The articles are entitled "Plain Talk about..Handling Stress" and 'Plain Talk about...The Art of Relaxation", and you can find copies of them on

So just a friendly reminder - People did write things before we had blogs :-)

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