FILENAME: C:\JOURN\J011892.WPD (Jan 18th, 1992)

Today is Monday, Jan 18th, 1992

So school sucked pretty bad today, we were told for English class we have to conduct our own interview. It has to be an adult with a job. We are not allowed to interview someone in our family, though it can be on any topic we have to write a report up on what we learned.

I have no idea who I am going to interview!, The whole thought of it makes me nervous inside, speaking to someone I don't even know.  I think a lot of the other kids are going to interview their friends parents. I could hear them talking about it..but as usual I don't have anyone. I basically only have the one friend in my grade, and he's not even in my same English class.

We walk together most lunch times though. We basically became friends at the beginning of the year. Friends have always been tricky for me. Mostly what I call the '3 friend problem'

Say you have 2 friends that you hang out with "A" and "B". and they are both fiends with each other. Now I can hang out all afternoon with 'A' and have a great time... or I can hang out another afternoon with 'B" and have loads of fun..bu t if the 3 of us are together it's like "A" and "B" are completely different people, sometimes they play well with one another, and talk about lots of things I am not really interested in, sometimes they even tease me for not being interesting in..It's like I know I have things in common with each of them, why can't we have things in common together?

It's like people are completely different with one person then with another..Like sometimes I notice when my mom answers the phone and talks to someone like a teacher, or whatever, her voice changes completely like it's not even really her taking, then the moment she hangs up the phone, she's back to the mom I know...

Who is the "real" person, the person on the phone or the person in 'real life?'

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